BFGoodrich 4×4 tyre selection

There are four main categories of BFGoodrich 4×4 tyres:

On-road tyres

  • Performance tyre construction with a sporty look
  • Responsive and ultra-precise in bends and during overtaking
  • Low noise tread design
  • Low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption
  • Ideally M+S (Mud & Snow) marked for versatility and all season performance
  • Speed index: H (131mph) and above

Multi-purpose tyres

  • Mainly used on-road
  • Good performance for occasional off-road use
  • Heavily siped tread design for good performance in winter conditions
  • High levels of comfort
  • M+S (Mud & Snow) marking
  • Excellent grip, traction and braking on wet, dry or snow-covered ground
  • Speed index: T (118 mph) and R (106mph)

All-terrain (50/50) tyres

  • Heavily grooved, aggressive tread pattern
  • Reinforced casing and sidewalls
  • Good performance on-road but with excellent off-road performance
  • Designed for 50% on-road / 50% off-road use
  • Speed index: Q (99mph), R (106mph), S (112mph)

Serious off-road tyres

  • Very high percentage grooving (50%)
  • Large tread blocks
  • Reinforced casing and sidewalls
  • Very deep tread depth: 13 to 17 mm
  • Ultimate off-road performance
  • Speed symbol: Q (99mph)

Each of our 4×4 tyres is covers a variety of uses, to find out more about which tyre suits your needs, check out the BFGoodrich 4×4 tyre range:

We strongly recommend that tyres are used in identical sets of four on 4 wheel drive vehicles (same make, pattern, load index/speed symbol). The vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations should also be followed.

4×4 tyre conversions

Where there is a change in a 4×4 vehicle’s use, or a different performance or look is required, a tyre conversion may be considered.

This may involve just a change of tyre type to something more suited to the vehicle’s use, or a complete wheel / tyre package.

A few recommendations from BFGoodrich before carrying out a tyre conversion:

  • The load capacity of the conversion tyre should be equal to or greater than that of the original tyres, and must be adequate for the vehicle’s plated maximum axle loads
  • Tyres on 4×4 vehicles must be used in identical sets of 4 (same size, make, pattern, load index/speed symbol, category of use). This is to avoid mechanical problems with the transmission, and also to ensure optimum performance
  • The vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations should be followed
  • Ensure that there is adequate clearance between the conversion wheel/tyre and the vehicle bodywork / mechanical components in both static and dynamic conditions
  • Verify that the proposed wheel width and diameter are compatible with the tyre size
  • Ensure that the fitted assembly (wheel + tyre) does not project beyond the bodywork and complies with all the necessary legal requirements
  • It is recommended that the overall diameter of the conversion tyre is equivalent to the original tyre overall diameter within a tolerance of +1.5% to -2%. M+S marked tyres
  • Tyres marked M+S are designed for Mud and Snow (winter) conditions
  • M+S tyres with a speed rating lower than that of the original tyres may be legally fitted to a vehicle. However, the driving speed must not exceed the maximum speed allowed for the Speed Symbol of the tyres in use
  • A label reminding the driver of this lower maximum speed can be placed inside the vehicle in a position where it is clearly visible to the driver. In some countries outside of the UK and Ireland the use of such a label is a legal requirement

4×4 tyre markings


255/55 R 18 XL 109H BFGoodrich MACADAM T/A
Size: 255/55 R 18     255 Section width in mm
55 Aspect ratio
% sidewall height to section width
R Radial construction
18 Wheel rim diameter in inches
XL Extra Load
109 Load index (109 = 1030kg)
H Speed symbol (H = 130mph)


31×10.5R 15 LT/C 109s BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO
Size: 255/55 R 18     31 Section width in mm
10.5 Aspect ratio (percentage sidewall height to section width.)
R Radial construction
15 Wheel rim diameter in inches
LT Category LT – Light truck
C Load range (USA)
109 Load index (109 = 1030kg)
s Speed symbol (H = 130mph)