Andrew St Pierre White, and his time with BFG.

Andrew St Pierre White is a well know 4×4 writer, map maker, explorer and filmmaker. His exploits began in 1993 with the publication in South Africa of South Africa’s first 4×4 book, The Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive in Southern Africa. After it hit best-seller status, 14 similar books followed over the next 20 years.

Today, Andrew is best known for his TV shows and huge YouTube channel, 4xOverland.com. He has followers and fans on every continent. His 4×4 adventure videos are viewed by millions of viewers all over the world, and the YouTube channel boasts over 6,5 million views every year. His South Africa TV series is a yearly event on DSTV Channel 189 (Ignition TV), with his series, Four-Wheel Drive, which is now in its seventh season.

Andrew is best known for his straight talking. He explains, “If I can’t say it how it is, then I won’t bother saying anything. It’s no longer worth anything to anyone.” Andrew is no stranger to controversy and it is reported that he has been blacklisted from some car maker’s press lists because he refuses to have his publications ‘vetted’ before publication. “What’s the point in that?” He asks. “Readers might as well go and get a brochure from their car dealer if they want to read about a vehicle. Magazines lose their value the moment they pamper to their advertisers. Which they all do to different degrees.” It’s the reason he tells us that he finds it so difficult to get loan vehicles for his expeditions, and has to rely on followers to help out.

Andrew is also remembered for some extraordinary solo expeditions to cross deserts in a 4×4 without backup, and on many occasions, without even a sat phone. “The experience of being utterly alone, and totally dependent on one’s own wits to survive, is primeval and wonderful. But it does take some getting used to.” In 2008, we contacted Andrew after we saw a TV show where he had had some tyre trouble, and offered him a set of BFG Goodrich All-terrains, on condition that he did similar trips with them, and wrote about his experiences. He is still using BFGs today, and still talking about them.



USA Video Series


Some of his videos (tyre-related in some way)


The Overland Workshop, part-1 Wheels and Tyres.

The Overland Workshop was a series of overland travel videos presented by Andrew and fellow overland guru, Paul Marsh.


Building the Ultimate Toyota Land Cruiser, World traveler.

Between 2011 and 2015 Andrew build a truly inspirational Toyota Land Cruiser, designed for traverse the globe. Apart from selecting BFG tyres, it’s a truly brilliant achievement.



Living the Overlanders’ Dream.

In 2010, Andrew undertook his most ambitious expedition to date, to find the source of the Okavango River, and follow its course to its end in the remote Kalahari. 26 episodes is his best TV broadcast work, shown in South Africa, New Zealand, Russia, parts of Eastern Europe and Asia. 26 episodes in all.



Andrew’s CV. How he got to do what he does?


The Worlds Longest Track.