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Desert Lion Conservation

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Our first trip with the set of BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO tyres, what an amazing difference indeed! The next trip planned will be towards Gorongosa National Park which will prove for an amazing test for the tyres.

Namibia supports a unique population of desert-adapted lions that survive in the harsh Namib Desert. The “Desert” lion is a prominent feature in Namibia and is highly valued, both aesthetically and financially, by the growing tourism industry. Namibia has received international recognition (e.g. CITES) for successful conservation efforts, such as the communal conservancy program, that led to significant increases in wildlife numbers, especially in the arid areas.

With the growing wildlife populations the conflict between lions and the local people has intensified as lions are killing livestock more regularity. In protection of their livestock, farmers often shoot, trap, or poison lions. These local communities bear the costs of living with lions, but do not share equally in the benefits from tourism, and they receive little assistance in managing conflicts. MTCSA has been sponsoring the Desert Lion research vehicles with BFGoodrich tyres for the last 3 years.

Peter Pickford Wildlife Photography

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Born and educated in Africa, Peter and Beverly Pickford are inveterate travellers who, in the course of their 25-year career as professional photographers and authors, have come to know contemporary, rural and wild Africa intimately. Their work has received numerous international accolades and awards, including the Agfa Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Kodak Black and White Photographer of the Year.

Andrew White and Associates

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From a village in England to the Boteti River in the Kalahari Four-wheel drive. I even like the way the word’s look. I was 14 when my love affair with these machines began and from the age of 36, after a successful career editing TV commercials, turned a love into a second career.

The BFGoodrich Mud Terrains were fitted to 4xforum showcase vehicle which was displayed at the Getaway Show and has also been photographed as part of the Andrew White St Pierre TV show.

Write To Zero Degrees Expedition

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This Expedition purpose is the distributing of writing stationery & creating the awareness of conditions at rural schools, orphanages & missions along the proposed route, combined with discovery and adventure.

The Expedition is to depart from Cape Town 1st September 2011, and will journey into 10 countries in total.

Michelin SA, BF Goodrich is of great importance and is highly relied on, as driving with BF Goodrich tyres brings a peace of mind and the reliability associated with them, safety is paramount.

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