BFGoodrich Facebook Shotgun Quiz Winners

Congratulations to our winners.

BFGoodrich launched the BFGoodrich Shotgun Quiz competition on the BFGoodrich Facebook page on the 27th of September until the 23rd of October.

The winners were randomly selected from a list of over 500 entries with only 394 correct entires.

The Winners of the BFGoodrich Facebook Shotgun Quiz are:

Congratulations to Jaydie Leonard and Luis Das Neves on winning this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, we hope that you will enjoy the magic of the Namibian dunes.

We’re sure that there won’t be a shortage of adrenaline when you get to experience racing through the Namibian desert with Terence Marsh and his Red-lined Motoring team.

The Prize:

The winners will get the chance to experience the Red Lined Motoring Adventure Navigator Training Session from the 14th of November until the 17th of November 2017 in Namibia.

The prize per winner is worth R75 000. This is an incredible bucket list opportunity, which includes navigating a Dakar built race car (V8 Nissan Navara) in the largest natural dunes in the world: two full days of playing in the dunes! There will also be an opportunity for sand-boarding in the dunes and just to take in the immense beauty of the Namibian desert during this time.

For more information on the vehicles and the Red-Lined Motoring team see link below.

BFGoodrich Shotgun Namibia Event Gallery

Hosted by Redlined Motoring Adventure

Testimonial From Jaydie Leonard

Namibian Dune Adventure of a Lifetime,

Thank you BF Goodrich SA for the prize and the opportunity to join the Red Lined team on this Adventure

It was an amazing, action packed, adrenaline filled tour that will be relived around the campfire for years to come.

BF Goodrich cannot ask for better brand ambassadors than Terrence and Luke. They are extremely proud of the fact that their racing cars are equipped with the best tyres on the market, and demonstrated on a practical way why BF Goodrich lead the pack when it comes to AT tyres. Everybody was very impressed by the demonstration.

The whole Redlined Motoring Adventure team was very professional and everything was organised to the T, with just enough flexibility to ensure we had lots of fun.

It was definitely an adventure of a lifetime and truly a big privilege to be able to co-pilot those DAKAR vehicles.

I was also very impressed by both Terrence and Luke friendly manner and willingness to transfer knowledge. We gained some overview in reading dunes, picking routes and racing lines, vehicle recovery, technical aspects of the vehicles and the role of a navigator in cross country events.

Thanks again BF Goodrich and to the whole Redlined team for a memorable week in the dunes.
Jaydie Leonard

Testimonial From Luis Das Neves

To BF Goodrich,

On the 14th of November 2017, at OR Thambo our adventure began.
After meeting the guys over a breakfast, we got on the flight to Walvis Bay and it’s famous dunes.
On arrival in Walvis we met the rest of the crew and did a pit stop at the famous Dune 7 for some refreshments. Despite the strong winds and its accompanied sand blasting effects, we had a couple of very welcomed refreshments to clear our throats. Nothing like a couple of Tafel’s to help break the ice 🍻.
From Dune 7 we headed to The Raft to taste one of the jewels of Namibia…their so ever famous Oysters! Some more Tafel’s as the air and our throats were thick with sand.
Lagoon Lodge was the place elected for our stay for the duration of the trip. After booking in, Terrence held a briefing and we got an idea of what was to follow for the next couple of days. This was followed by a braai and some more refreshments (wind was blowing and the sand…).

Day 1 on the dunes
Very early start as strong winds expected for the afternoon and we all want to get the most out of it. Dune 7 is our starting point. After deflating tyres, to the sand we went. Nothing beats the Sun raise on the desert and the sound of the Nissan V8’s roaring on the background. Just amazing!! After driving in convoy for a couple of minutes and get to the first BIG dunes. The REAL FUN was about to begin.
One after the other, we have the opportunity to sit shotgun with Luke Botha and Terrance Marsh and experience the performance of the beasts. Machines and pilots take us to the rollercoaster of the Namibian dunes and the fun just gets better and better as the Dragons get used to the sand. Some of us came out of the beasts shacking, white faced and one or two in need of an underwear change (no names here 😂😂 but they know who they are).
After a quick breakfast on the dunes and some refreshments (non alcoholic kind), we headed deeper in the desert, sand, sand and more sand to which loads of fun was added. Cameras and phones were out to try and capture the amazing scenery and the Dragons at work. The weather played in our favour and we stayed in the dunes for a bit longer then expected. As the wind picked up, we headed to Dune 7 for a quick refreshment and then to Walvis for a well deserved meal and some more Tafels to wash down all the sand. Weather was really crappy and we took the opportunity to go to the harbour and taste some great calamari and some more Tafel (sand everywhere 😎). The day was round up with another braai (barbecue for outsiders) and some more Tafels (only remedy for the sand 😉!!). After many stories exchanged, we finally headed to a well deserved rest.
Day 2
Early rise again as the weather forecast predicts high winds later in the day. After a quick breakfast to the dunes we go. At Dune 7 the same procedures are followed as the previous day. Deflate tyres and into the dunes we go. One after the other we take turns on the Nissan beasts. The V8’s breaking the desert silence and the BF Goodrich tyres leaving deep scars on the virgin sand again. Amazing as the scenery had changed overnight. The dunes were completely different, different shapes, no tracks from the previous day fun we had. The desert it’s like a living creature. Always in constant motion, never boring, never the same. As the filming crew is busy with their never ending task of getting the perfect shots (amazing guys by the way) with Luke and his Dragon Nissan, Terrance and the rest of us keep on having some amazing fun and are ‘forced’ to have a crash course on how to recover his Dragon monster out a jackals den. Some more recoveries are done on the deep, treacherous sand. Hard work but loads of fun nevertheless.

Weather started playing it’s role again, strong winds and the sand blasting effect but we keep on having endless fun. We all have the opportunity to ride shotgun a good couple of times, the guys are getting used to the adrenaline and the only shacking now is from excitement, no more fear, just extreme fun. We eventually have to leave the dunes as the wind and sand make it impossible to see where we are going and what is after the next dune crest. Back to Dune 7 for some snacks and to clear our throats of the sand. Poor Luke and filming crew are still busy, hunting for the perfect shot.

We headed then to Swakopmund, to the local Nissan dealership so that the Dragon/BF Goodrich Nissan can be on display for a couple of hours. We even had the honours of a Police escort, with sirens blasting, blue lights and all. We took this opportunity to visit The Brewer & Butcher for a pizza and some of their golden brews (sand medicine!!). Lucky as we could be, we were even presented with a visit from the dolphins at the bay. Good beer, even better company and the wild dolphins playing around in full sight, what better life can one get???
From Swakop we headed back to the lodge in Walvis and after a well deserved nap, with the wind blowing at a fast pace, we had the last braai for the trip. Good people, good food, new friends and a lot of sand medicine and high fives 😂😂, Including some shooter that I will not disclose here (you owe us one Luke😉), we eventually managed to get our battered bodies, souls and minds to bed.

We spent the last day doing some site seeing in Swakop and after some last sand medicine at Dune 7, we finally say our goodbyes and headed to the airport for our flight home.
I can only thank BF Goodrich, Nissan, Dragon, Red-lined Motoring Adventure and everybody else involved/present in this trip for the most amazing time I had. TO YOU ALL, A BIG THANK YOU and Until our paths cross again…!!!

Luis Das Neves