The BFGoodrich IRC range


Round and black with gray matter inside.

Tyres used in Rallying are highly technical products with a life expectancy which seldom exceeds 80 km (50 miles). A dog’s life during which they are subjected to violent impacts and tremendous forces considering their small size and the power of IRC cars. There are 200 materials in a rally tyre, and each one has to interact with the others. One can therefore understand what intense work the BFGoodrich chemists, developers and technicians must carry out to find the magic formula which will give the drivers exceptional grip and excellent endurance on asphalt, dirt or ice.

Asphalt tyres

On dry asphalt, the stresses exerted on the tyres are enormous: brutal braking (up to 1.8 G), high cornering speeds and strong lateral forces (up to 1.5 G). On asphalt, priority is given to outright tyre performance, but the drivers also want reliability. BFGoodrich tyres are both consistent and highly efficient.

Dirt tyres

There are various types of rally run on dirt (slightly wearing ground, moderately wearing ground and very abrasive ground). Depending on the rally, the tyres need to be precise, responsive and/or robust. BFGoodrich offers three types of compound (soft, medium, hard) to cope with all conditions. BFGoodrich tyres won all the dirt rallies in the 2007 championship.

Snow tyres

There is no IRC winter competition, but BFGoodrich is present at various Scandinavian championships, many of which are fought entirely on snow and ice. Each tyre has approximately 380 studs bonded into the blocks of rubber.


g-Force Profiler A01 and A10: the big winner

Size: 225/40-18

Tyre for dry asphalt, available in 2 different types of compound (A01 soft, A10 hard); depending on the temperature, the roughness of the asphalt, and the length of the special stages… They can be regrooved for wet conditions.

Excellent road holding.

g-Force Profiler WOO: the rain tyre

Size: 225/40-18

Soft compound tyre for damp and/or wet asphalt.

Excellent water dispersal for maximum grip. Can be regrooved to disperse more water.


g-Force Winter: the ice pro

Size: 225/40-18

Special tyre for asphalt covered with black ice and/or snow. Can have 0, 1 or 2 rows of small studs according to conditions.

g-Force Ice GA and GE: the studded tyre

Size: 145/65-15

Bristling with 384 studs available in 3 lengths (short, long, extra long)

Exceptional grip.

It allows top speeds of 200 km/h (125 mph) on snow. The g-Force Ice GA is a max-performance snow tyre. The GE tyre has an asymmetric tread pattern to increase lateral grip.


g-Force Gravel: the versatile tyre

Size: 195/70-15

Available in 3 different compounds (4 soft, 5 medium, 6 hard) according to the temperature, the length of the special stages and surface conditions. These tyres can be regrooved for mud.

g-Force Gravel H1

Size: 195/70-15

Same construction as the g-Force Gravel tyre, but wider. Very high impact resistance and excellent endurance. Available in 2 different compounds (medium, hard).

BFGoodrich Long-distance Rally tyre range

They too, are round and black with gray matter inside. But unlike IRC Rally tyres, Cross  Country Rally tyres are much more bulky; they are veritable giants made of rubber and steel ready to conquer all the hostile regions on earth. Unlike their IRC counterparts, All-terrain tyres have to travel several hundred miles per day under a torrid sun, in soft sand or on rocky paths, through camel grass or on dead-straight tracks at more than 180 km/h (112 mph).

Underneath the rugged grooved outer casing, Cross Country Rally tyres are enormously strong and versatile products, capable of withstanding extremely violent impacts due to the “truck-like” weight of the automobiles.


Baja T/A Rock 235: a legend!

High-level performance on all types of terrain: driving precision and rapid response.

Excellent traction, adhesion and braking

Exceptional robustness

THE Dakar tyre par excellence

For 4×4 competitors

Baja T/A Sand: the dune expert

The best tyre on soft surfaces and sand dunes

Excellent traction in sand

Ideal tyre to complement the Baja T/A Rock

For 4x4s and prototypes