Dakar 2017

BFGoodrich Best of Dakar 2017

Matt Hanlon

Meet the Makers #1: Matt Hanlon, Project Engineer and Tire Designer at BFGoodrich® in the USA. Matt Hanlon is a project engineer/tire designer for BFGoodrich® off-road. He works as part of a design team on a variety of off-road racing projects including Baja, Red Bull Global Rallycross, short course and of course Dakar. We met him …

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The Dakar’s athletes prepare for motoring marathon

Fitness training for the Dakar’s stars. With a total distance of 9,000km to cover, the world’s longest and hardest cross-country rally necessitates impeccable physical fitness. French driver Cyril Despres (Team Peugeot Total) started preparing for January’s Dakar in September …

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The Dakar’s Rubber Soul

The tyres that will equip the factory cars on the 2017 Dakar are the fruit of four decades of research, development and experience. Their production is a nine-month process that occupies teams in both the USA and France, and each one is treated with the utmost respect ahead of the famous cross-country marathon …

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Dakar Organisers

Behind the scenes with the Dakar organisers. The Dakar is organised by A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organisation). Preparing for the world’s biggest cross-country rally is a year-long job that monopolises a team of some 500 staff. The Dakar’s Sporting Director Marc Coma, a former five-time winner of the event on two wheels, talked us through the mission …

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Making Our Tyres

Making BFGoodrich® Dakar tires: where genius and artistry merge. Creating a new tire needs a precise step-by-step process. Matt Hanlon, Project Engineer and Tire Designer at BFGoodrich® (lien vers son interview), explains to us how BFGoodrich® mastered this exercise …

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