Ontbytsake Interview

Ontbytsake Interview
1.      Please tell us about the BFGoodrich brand?

BFGoodrich in an American brand that was formed in 1870. BFGoodrich makes tyres for people who want to unlock the full potential of their vehicles, and above all enjoy themselves. We’re also known for our performance and racing developments and achievements.

Our tyres are designed and built by enthusiasts — people who go to track days or off-roading on the weekends. We work to continually improve tyre performance because we want the same thing from a tyre that our customers want – more control, more grip and more smiles behind the wheel.

The Brand’s has won titles in every competition it has entered and from the Dakar Rally, the World Rally Championship to the Baja 1000. And it is during these races where BFGoodrich ensures that technology is transferred from the racing cars to your everyday car to give you guaranteed performance, quality and durability. The is how tyre’s like the flagship All-Terrain were developed

2.      What is so unique about the BFGoodrich brand?

When you choose a tyre, you’re choosing how much fun you can have in the driver’s seat and if you appreciate higher performance, then the BFGoodrich brand is the one for you. Years of racing success have helped us develop tyres to give you the grip and control that your driving demands — on or off road. That is how BFGoodrich has managed to consolidate a loyal customer base, especially among off-roading enthusiasts and also aided by its unique tread design and known raised white letters on the tyre sidewall.


3.      How do you ensure that you stay connected with your local customers?

We have recently launched a BFGoodrich South Africa Facebook Page to ensure that we are available to our customers on multiple channels. We also ensure that we provide in-depth training on our products to our distribution networks to make sure that they give our customers the best advice on our products and help them make informed decisions when purchasing tyres. Finally, we take part in as many events as possible to go to our customer-base and interact with them where they have fun and use our products the most.


4.      What future plans do you have for BFGoodrich in South Africa?

We will continue to develop innovative products by partaking in events that test our products to the limit taking part in as many events as possible and thus ensuring our customers complete reliability and satisfaction.

5.      Tell us more about the exciting offers you currently have running for your customers?

At BFGoodrich we believe in rewarding our loyal customers for their continued support over the years.

Hence we always have various offers throughout the year to say THANK YOU for choosing BFGoodrich. Currently we have two exciting offers currently, one being the “win a Jeep” campaign, where we will be giving away a customised Jeep to one lucky winner who buys themselves 2 or more BFGoodrich tyres during the duration of the competition.

Our other campaign is the Cash Back campaign on purchase of 2 or more BFGoodrich tyres.